Missionary-Evangelists to Nigeria

A quick glimpse at what God has done in Nigeria

Through the past 12 years, the Lord has allowed us to see over 5,200 professions of salvation in Jesus Christ, 5 Bible institutes started based out of local churches, and over 6,000 KJV Bibles passed out.

Our desire is to equip national pastors with much needed printed materials such as KJV Bibles, tracts and study materials. We also travel throughout the country, preaching, teaching and seeing as many churches planned as possible with the Lord’s help.

Every update.
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As we spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, we’ll post often of the many blessings and prayer requests we encounter in this West African country. We hope your heart will be touched as you see how God is working and empowered to effectually pray for our family and the country of Nigeria.

What We Believe

We believe that the Bible is inspired, inerrant, infallible, immutable, and preserved in the King James Version for the English-speaking people, and that it is our final authority in all matters of faith and practice. 

We believe in one God, existing in the three persons of the Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit): all equal in essence, but distinct in personality and function. 

We believe in the bodily resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ, His ascension into Heaven, and His present life there as our high priest and advocate. We believe that Jesus, the Son of God, was conceived of the Holy Spirit, born of a virgin, and that He was fully God, yet fully man.

Do You Have Hope of Heaven?

Job, a man who lived long ago, once asked the greatest question in all the world: “If a man die, shall he live again?” The Bible answers this question with a resounding “yes!” There is a life beyond this present earth.

God offers eternal life in Heaven as a free gift, and shows us the way in His perfect Word, the Bible. Would you like to learn how you can accept God’s gift of hope today?

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If you have any questions about our ministry, family, or more importantly, our God, please use the form below to reach out to us. We would love to hear from you! God bless!