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Yinka’s Testimony

I am the Evangelist Yinka E. Fasinro. I am the second oldest of five children. I have three brothers and one sister and were all raised in the fear and admonition of the Lord.

Born in Nigeria, Africa, I moved to America when I was twelve years old. I found myself participating in various church activities in a Catholic church. I sung in the choir, was an altar boy, even read the scripture from the pulpit. When I was invited to visit a local independent Baptist church (First Baptist Church, Rosemount, MN), I discovered that salvation was not based on what you’ve done but whom you’ve trusted. After trusting Christ as my personal Savior in 1980, I began running from God for fear of Him wanting me to be a preacher. I found myself being a part of the world and participating in worldly things because of that fear. Through it all God’s grace kept me, for He had a plan for my life. In the spring of 1986 in Kansas City, MO, I surrendered my life for His will.

May 1987, was a miraculous and revolutionized year for me. The Lord called me into the ministry, to preach and teach His unadulterated, uncompromisable Word. In the fall of 1987, the Lord led me to go to Bible College. When I moved to North Carolina, I transferred to Carolina Baptist College in 1994 and received a Bachelor of Theology Degree. In 1997 I received a Health Minister Certificate from Back To The Garden Ministries, NC. In 1999 I was licensed, ordained, and commissioned out of New Life Baptist Church as an Evangelist.

Since going into the ministry in 1987, I went to Gary, Indiana and helped hold church services in a community center in the neighborhood. From there I worked in the bus ministry at First Baptist Church of Rosemount, MN. Then became Junior Church Pastor and Bus Captain at New Life Baptist Church, Concord, NC.

While attending New Life Baptist Church in Concord, NC, I met my loving and beautiful wife, Vanessa. On July 23, 1994, we were united in Holy Matrimony. We’ve been blessed with two daughters, Shaday and Alexa, and three sons Benjamin, Timothy, and Daniel.

In December 2004 while visiting my native country of Nigeria for the first time in 26 years, I felt God’s calling on my life to return to Nigeria as an Evangelist in the country. With a population of 150 million people in Nigeria, there are only 6 missionaries and 85 Independent Bapt Churches which are mostly pastored by nationals. My burden is to be of help and encourage the nationals by soulwinning, holding Revival meetings in their churches, and equipping  them with a supply of well needed printed materials such as Bibles, Tracts, and Study Materials. My desire is to go throughout the country with the Lord’s help preaching and teaching Jesus Christ and see many other churches started and souls coming to the knowledge of the Truth.

We will travel out of a local Independent Baptist church in Nigeria as we also assist the pastor as he trains national pastors to start Independent Baptist churches through his Bible School. And finally,  We want to eventually plant several portable Christian Radio Stations that will broadcast the Truth of the gospel throughout the country. As far as we know, there are NO Fundamental Baptist radio stations in the country this size!

Vanessa’s Testimony

Vanessa, when she was fourteen years of age, received Christ while attending New Life Baptist Church. In 1989, Vanessa continued her education by attending Texas Baptist College in Longview, Texas. She graduated in 1993 with a Bachelor of Religious Education degree in Elementary Education.

The Fasinro family are an Independent, Fundamental, Separated Baptist family

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