Update about Nigeria Trip 2006

Update about Nigeria Trip 2006


Wow what a time we are having. If we were done raising support, we would really consider staying even longer here in Nigeria . We are beginning to miss the people here. We have met many kind Christians, and God has given us lots of opportunities to see many come to Christ. They are so open to the gospel here. One of the good things about this country is that  the average person has a reverence  and some sort of fear of God. They are blinded by   religious. Since coming to Nigeria on these short mission trips, I’ve NEVER seen in my whole life a hunger for God like I’ve seen here including  in America . On a given Sunday, you will find many going to some such of church service. Even the Muslim community have started having “Revival Services”, some even have things like Bible Studies all using the Koran. Some even hold Islamic gatherings on Sunday morning like we have church services including Sunday evening. How sad!  I know it won’t be wise to go to the mission field on partial support. So please continue to pray for us that our deputation travels coming up after we arrive America will be a great opportunity to pick up more support and be fully supported by the end of the year. We are right now at about 72 percent support level.  As we approach our 87th day away from America I see a country that is starving for the truth with the Charismatic and Islamic movement running rampant inside Nigeria .

I had an opportunity of leading a young lady that works for my uncle  to Christ last Thursday at her desk. After admitting that confessing of sins was the way to Heaven, I then had the opportunity to share the gospel to her.  After few minute, she bowed her head and got Born Again. After challenging her to replace her Bible with a King James Version Bible, I gave her a copy of John/Romans to start with. And it blessed my heart to see her read her  John/Romans at any opportunity she had to read at her desk. Please pray for Deborah that she will grow and be faithful to God. Another opportunity God gave me was to preached in a church in Kaduna this past Sunday. They had in attendance over 300 and after the message, I counted 14 who gave their lives to Christ with many others making other decisions for the Lord. It brought  the total Salvation decisions since being here to sixty. What a blessing to see the gospel that I heard in America coming from Nigeria work the same way in Nigeria as it did for me in America when I was 14 yrs of age. Please continue to pray that God will open even more opportunities to preach the gospel before we leave in 2 weeks. Please pray for couple meetings that may open up this week so we can see even more souls saved and lives challenged for the Lord.

In closing, I have one more update to write before we leave for America . Thank you for reading the updates and praying for Safety and good health. We are all doing fantastic. Shaday is doing very very well. Once we moved on to Kaduna , she has yet to have problem breathing. While we were staying in an area in Ogbomoso,  we suspected that may have been the cause of her breathing difficulty. We are grateful for you praying for her. Benjamin celebrated his 5th birthday in Nigeria which was a little different, but Vanessa was prepared for the event. Cake, frosting, party cups, plates and napkins, musical candles, balloons, and decorations were included in the 15 boxes, bags, and suitcases that came with us from America . Celebrating  the birthday with their cousins, added a little Nigeria to it.

Thank you for praying for us and supporting us. As you read our updates, If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. We have had several people email with some questions and comments about the mission field. It’s also a huge blessing to hear from you on the field.

Evangelist Yinka Fasinro ……your missionary family to Nigeria

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