Newsletter Fall 2010

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As we prepare for our return trip to Nigeria in three weeks, we want to take a moment to say “thank you” to the pastors that gave us new opportunities to present our ministry in their churches. We were able to visit eight new churches during our furlough. We are trusting the Lord that they will prayerfully consider adding us to their missions budget in the near future. We had the opportunity to visit twenty-six of our supporting churches and were equally blessed in all the services. We hope to visit other supporting churches at our next furlough. We were able to present the need of printed material to make a “pastor’s box” or library for the national pastors in Nigeria. We had about
sixteen different ministries, individuals, and churches donate boxes of new Concordances, Bible dictionaries, leather Scofield Study Bibles, regular Bibles, New Testaments, hundreds of good books, etc., some of which made up the pastor’s box. Some other items were given to make up a small gift bag for each of the wives of the pastors.

 The highlight of returning to Nigeria will come a week after Easter (April 13-15, 2011) when we will hold a three day revival meeting (Independent Baptist National Day of Prayer Conference) and then honor these national pastors and their wives with the gifts. There were many other things not listed that were given in which we praise the Lord for. Bicycles were given for our children, a solar powered generator. This generator will be a life changer for us in Nigeria
where in a three month period we may get less than eighteen hours of electricity. Please pray that the container carrying everything will arrive in Nigeria safely.

In closing, we thank God for the opportunity to spread the gospel in Nigeria. I know we will have challenges and many victories as we head back. Please continue to pray for our safety, our health, and that Satan would not hinder our
work as we spread the good news of Jesus Christ, encourage the national pastors, and establish more new churches.
For the sake of more souls,
Missionary Yinka Fasinro…..your missionary family to Nigeria

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