Newsletter Summer 2009

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I want to first of all take a minute to say “thank you” for faithfully praying for us, and in spite of the economic crisis there now, you have kept supporting us financially. We thank God for the show of love toward us and our ministry especially in challenging times. We are certainly praying for America. Vanessa has been diligent with the kids’ education, even on the mission field. She and the kids are looking forward to finishing the school year in seven days!
We just returned from a 2 ½ month revival meeting in the southern and eastern part of Nigeria. We visited eight independent Baptist churches during the span. Truly, as the meetings were coming to a close, we were longing to visit even more churches. The pastors were so encouraged to have us hold special meetings. This is something
which has never been done in the history of fundamentalism in Nigeria.
We started from Iresa Pupa Independent Baptist Church (were we attend church) where we saw 7 saved.
Then we drove 8 hours to Delta Independent Baptist Church in Warri where we saw 28 saved.
Then we drove 4 hours to Eagle Island Independent Baptist Church in Port Harcourt where we saw 39 saved.
Then we drove 2 hours to Faith Independent Baptist Church in Aba where we saw 14 saved.
Then we drove 30 minutes to Bethel Independent Baptist Church also in Aba where we saw 1 saved.
Then we drove 2 hours to Grace Independent Baptist Church in Akwa Ibom where we saw 28 saved.
Then we drove 2 hours to Soulwinning Independent Baptist Church in Ikot Abasi where we saw 32 saved.
Then we drove 3 hours to Berean Independent Baptist Church in Calabar where we saw 78 saved.
We saw a totoal of 227 profess salvation! To Godbe the glory!!
While visiting each church, we also took the opportunity to teach on Faith Promise Giving. As I stated in my earlier newsletter, most of all eighty-five independent Baptist churches in Nigeria do not practice (true) Faith Promise Giving to support missionaries. They depend too heavily on support coming from America to support them. In such cases, these missionaries are inadequately supported as they try to starttheir new churches. To God be the glory, we were able to see seven churches start(true) Faith Promise Giving at a range of between 5,000 Naira ($50.00) – 8,000 Naira a month ($80.00). Eagle Island Independent Baptist Church committed to the Lord 16,000 Naira per month. We really praise the Lord for the success of the meetings because these churches can start supporting new missionaries right away.
Thank you for praying for safety and for good health for us. Since surrendering full-time in the ministry nine years ago, we have never experienced God’s blessings like we did traveling to these churches and preaching. They were truly FANTASTIC meetings! If it had not been for churches like yours supporting us, we would not have been able to do all we did in two and a half months at the above churches.
In each of the meetings, we tried to give out the BEAMS Bibles to those who trusted Christ and some printed materials especially to the pastors. Please pray for us to someday put together a box of well needed study material (used Bible dictionaries, Concordances, Commentaries, and very good books), for the pastors here. We would like to ship another shipping container in the near future for the pastors here because they so desperately need these materials.
Please continue to pray for safety and good health, and the continued opportunities to encourage and strengthen independent Baptist churches here in Nigeria.
For the sake of many souls,
Missionary Yinka Fasinro….your missionary family to Nigeria

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