Newsletter Fall 2009

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Since the last newsletter in June, we have seen many exciting things here in Nigeria. Thank you for your continued support since arriving here a year and a half ago. We know financially, it is a huge sacrifice for many of our supporting churches. We certainly don’t take it lightly as we try to reach Nigeria for Christ.           

I had a great opportunity to travel to a village just outside Ogbomoso for a three day Revival Meeting at an Independent Baptist church in the village (Pastor Aremu far left). On the first night, 62 attended/20 saved. Then on the next night 89 attended/11 saved, and on the third night, 157 attended/17 saved. The wife of the man that allowed us to use their compound for the meeting finally got saved. Now they are preparing as a family to begin coming to Pastor Aremu’s church. After going to her own church for many years, she finally heard the true gospel that week.

We had the opportunity to be part of the  Youth Camp again this year. This year there were 158 young people and we saw 28 profess salvation. Many other decisions  were made for Christ during the week.When we all went out soulwinning with the youth, I met Sulaiman who was a Muslim. He had never heard of what Jesus had done for him on the cross of Calvary. After his aunt and uncle who were also Muslims, rejected Christ, he right away was ready to turn his back on Islam and trust the Saviour. Following us towards the camp site, he bowed his head, calling on Jesus to save him.                                                   

Our Pastor’s (Dr. Dave Clear, First Baptist Church, Rosemount, Minnesota) visit to Nigeria was very special to us. He was here for eight days, visited four cities and preached in two. The highlight of his trip was the “Men’s Prayer Breakfast” on Friday morning. For close to two hours, our pastor taught and encouraged fifty-one of the nationals including forty local Independent Baptist pastors. He was also able to see the needs that the pastors have which includes an assortment of printed study materials which they desperately need.

We plan to come home on furlough June – September 2010. We would love to visit your church to personally thank you for supporting us and give an update of the ministry in Nigeria. We would also like to visit new churches. If you could recommend a church to us, please let us know.

I plan on shipping a small container to Nigeria with printed materials and some supplies. Several people have asked about needs we have here. If you’re able to also help, I will be sending an email addressing the specific needs the people have here. Please continue to pray for safety for us as we travel in Nigeria. 

 We were in an accident last Sunday on the way to our eighth church presenting Faith Promise Giving.. The ball joint holding the right tire came off as we were on our way to church Sunday morning. It sent the car’s frame slamming on the road as it slid several feet before stopping on the opposite side of the road. Thank God it came off on the good part of the road. If it came off on the pot hole part, it would have gone

in one of the holes causing the car to flip. We thank God for His protection.. We towed the car two hours away to our mechanic and he said the ball joint was welded instead of a new one that should have been replaced after an earlier accident last year. A dishonest mechanic not replacing a $100.00 part has now cost us $900.00 in damages. Very sad!!  But praise the Lord we are all ok. Thank you again for your support, prayers, and encouraging emails. So far this year, we have seen 482 saved. We know

that all the blessings we see is due to your faithful prayers. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!! 

For the sake of more souls,

Missionary Yinka Fasinro………your missionary family to Nigeria

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