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The following post is from Vanessa Fasinro about our prayers for missionaries and a prayer system that opens our eyes as Christians to the needs that missionaries face while on the field. This post was written some time ago, but it has been reposted here.

Many have asked what to pray for as missionaries. There is so much to pray for from time to time. From needing more support, to needing a reliable 4X4 in Nigeria for Evangelistic travels, to getting a shipping container full of our belongings to the field, to having  the Lord keep the kids healthy. My husband  picked up a prayer “system” at a church we were visiting that will make it very easy to remember to pray for us as well as other missionaries that are on your prayer list. I hope this will help. Thank you again for your faithful prayers.

Sunday – Our Relationship with God

  1. Personal growth in the Word of God
  2. An effective prayer life
  3. Sensitivity to and empowerment by the Holy Spirit

Monday – Our physical and Emotional life

  1. Good health
  2. Protection from disease and other hazard
  3. Protection from hostile governments, religions, and nationals
  4. Safety while traveling on planes, subways, buses, trams, trains, bicycles, taxis, animals, and on foot

Tuesday – Our FamilyLife

  1. A marriage that is a good testimony to the nationals
  2. The children’s education
  3. The raising and training of the children
  4. Strength for the children, especially teenage children, to withstand world’s temptations

Wednesday – Our Ability To Communicate

  1. Good success in language school
  2. Ability to communicate God’s Word with clarity

Thursday – Our Ministry

  1. Boldness to witness
  2. Open doors in schools, orphanages, prisons, etc.
  3. Wisdom in teaching and preaching
  4. Receptive hearts towards our witnessing, teaching, preaching, counseling, disciplining, etc.
  5. Fruit that will remain

Friday – Our Need For Fellow Workers

  1. Nationals to get their hearts stirred for service
  2. Christians to surrender to God’s call on their lives and come to the field and help us

Saturday – Our Country Of Service

  1. Stability in the political realm so we can remain in the country
  2. The leadership of the country to allow freedom in the distribution of the Gospel
  3. People to have their eyes opened to the deception of their false religion
  4. Protection of our country from natural disasters and catastrophes that would kill our people

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