Final 2011 Newsletter

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Greetings again!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Fall/winter Newsletter
As we prepare to return to  Nigeria  at the end of November, I decided to  send  another  Newsletter .  By the time you hear from us again, we will be in Nigeria then Lord willing.
We have several  prayer requests that I want to share with you:
Since arriving Nigeria in 2008, the Lord has allowed us to help national  pastors  start/establish     churches in new areas in the country.  All of the Independent Baptist churches in Nigeria have a desire to start/establish  new churches in new communities, but due to lack of funds, these new churches are not stable but move from place to place in search of adequate meeting places . These churches cannot be  established  in  a  community without a little help.  Please pray for these new churches and newly established churches and their needs.
1.       Pastor  Michael Aremu / Trinity Independent Baptist church (Owo-Lake village)
The Lord has allowed us to help establish this church by purchasing  land and we have started  to erect a basic structure. We  are trusting the Lord for the roofing and flooring to be completed soon. They were meeting in their home until their landlord decided to use the building for his personal use.  Please pray that God would provide help to finish the building before the next raining season.
2.       Pastor John Oyedele/ Freedom Independent Baptist church (Ogbomoso village)
The Lord has allowed us to help establish this church by purchasing  land but no building has begun. They have been meeting in the Pastor’s home for more than three years now.  Please pray that God would provide for this church to start erecting a building soon because the Landlord has threatened to increase the amount of his rent  this fall  which the church  cannot afford.
3.       Pastor Ige Olawunmi/ Iresa-pupa Independent Baptist Church (Iresa-Pupa village)
This church was our first church that we helped to start and establish  in this village a couple years ago. This church has faithfully practiced Faith Promise Giving for about a year now. They are supporting three churches/ministries already and are seeing the rewards of giving to others. This young pastor just got married and is doing a great work in this village. Please pray that God will continue to meet the needs of the church and his needs.
4.       Pastor Oyewole Adebayo/ Grace Alone  Independent Baptist church (Idanre  village)
This pastor graduated three years ago and a family  from one of our supporting churches in MT, gave for the purchase of land and the erecting of a building for this new work.  They  moved  to the village and secured an apartment this month. Please pray that they will find the right area for their new church in this village. 
5.       Pastor Oladibu / Zion Independent Baptist church( Odo Oba village)
This Pastor is one of the oldest  Independent  Baptist Pastors in Nigeria at about 70 years old. We were able to help  move his church building (wood/aluminum ) from one location to another. The owner of the land forced the church to move because of a new project  he was  undertaking. But praise the Lord that the church was moved and the people in the village can now be reached and nurtured by an established Bible believing Baptist church.
6.       Pastor Elijah Akande/ Rhema Independent Baptist Church( Lagos main land)
This pastor just moved to Lagos with his family a month ago and has already started  his church in his home. We want to help  this new church and it’s pastor in any way we can to make sure it is not hindered in any way from preaching the Gospel  to the people there and the surrounding areas. His wife is a registered nurse and are both going to use this avenue to reach the people in nearby  villages for Christ.
A place to consistently hold  their church services is the most important to the new pastor in Nigeria.  Renting a place is very expensive and always require 2 years rent in advance.  And the Landlord renewing a lease is not always a guarantee. So the best option is buying land and erecting a basic brick church building.
As we begin our fourth year  in 2012 as missionaries to Nigeria, West Africa, please remember to pray for these men and their families. We know each of them personally and have preached for them. Pray that  God will encourage them and provide for their every need.
Finally, the Lord has burdened our hearts to start a Radio ministry in 2012.  With a population of 150 million, as far as we know, there is no Independent Baptist on the radio preaching the gospel.  Air Time  cost: $1500.00 buys  13 weeks of air time. Please pray that God will touch many hearts to partner with us on the Radio. And pray for millions of souls that will hear the gospel for the first time and trust our Saviour.
 For the sake of more souls,
Missionary Yinka Fasinro…….your missionary family to Nigeria, West Africa.   




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