Summer 2011 Newsletter

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It is time again for another update about our ministry here in
Nigeria.  Thank you again for the continued support and prayers for us.  Our Prayer Conference finally was held May 18-20, 2011, after several times postponing it due to elections.  It was truly
the highlight of the year with almost all the national pastors attending.  The Lord truly answered many prayers and revived many hearts.  The pastors and their wives send their gratitude for the gifts they received during the conference.   
After the conference, we had to travel to the United States to prepare for the delivery of our newest baby.  My wife is due August 12th and we ask you to please pray for a safe delivery.  The children are doing fine and are excited to finally be in a church camp and couple of Vacation Bible Schools.  The kids have been enjoying these summer events and wish it would never end.
So far this year we have seen 308 profess salvation in Jesus Christ and we look forward to returning back to Nigeria this fall Lord willing.  Please pray for safety, provision, and good health for all of us and more opportunities to visit other churches to present our ministry while we are here. 
For the sake of more souls, 
Missionary Yinka Fasinro….your missionary family to Nigeria , West Africa 



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