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Update on Nigeria’s gas crisis

Greetings again, Wanted to give another update concerning Nigeria. We praise the Lord for answered prayers! As of yesterday, the national strike that abruptly stopped everything in the country has ended. There were people in several other states that refused to accept the end of the strike that was announced by the Federal Government several days prior. Several days ago, the government and the Labor Congress agreed to meet after both sides compromised. The meeting

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Here is what’s happening in Nigeria

Greetings, Hope all is well. Want to give you an update about Nigeria as of today. We have been stuck most of the days inside the house because of a national strike. Even going to Church has been a challenge for us as well as others. The strike started last Monday and as it’s being reported, it’s indefinite. We were warned to buy enough food and petrol for the upcoming strike. What is happening in

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