Update on Nigeria’s gas crisis

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Greetings again,
Wanted to give another update concerning Nigeria.
We praise the Lord for answered prayers! As of yesterday, the national strike that abruptly stopped everything in the country has ended. There were people in several other states that refused to accept the end of the strike that was announced by the Federal Government several days prior. Several days ago, the government and the Labor Congress agreed to meet after both sides compromised. The meeting is still ongoing and the final proposal will be presented February 10th 2012. As it stands now, the President dropped the proposed price of petrol from 140.00 naira ($3.61 per gallon) to 97.00 naira ($2.50 per gallon). No one expects the price of 97.00 naira to get any lower after the meeting, but we thank God THAT IT’S LOWER AND IT’S OVER!
We want to express our heart felt gratitude as you faithfully prayed for us during a tough last week. God truly answers Prayers!
Blessing: In the midst of the uncertain week, God allowed me to lead three souls to Christ in which 2 were Muslims.Hallelujah! I will give more detail and much much more in my next newsletter.
Vanessa and the kids are doing fine as they continue in their homeschooling. Shaday and I both had a short bout with malaria last week, but we are both fine. Please don’t forget to visit our website which includes Newsletters, lots of pictures, and a lot more (yfem.org).
Thank you again for your concern and prayers. God bless you all………Amen!
Missionary Yinka Fasinro…..your missionary family to nigeria, West Africa.

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