Spring 2012 Newsletter

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Thank you for your prayers as we made it back to Nigeria the first week in December 2011. We had been in the States for a six month furlough as my wife gave birth to our sixth child Isaiah Michael. What a blessing! After returning to our home in Nigeria, we got a very special ”guest” January 1st in the morning as we got ready for church. Outside our back door, a very long Cobra was partially sticking out from under our container. Fortunately enough, God had thousands of “army” ants to subdue it for easy killing. It was amazing to see. We praise the Lord for his safety. I want to take this time to thank the many churches we were able to present our ministry to. We are trusting the Lord that they will prayerfully consider adding us to their monthly missions budget. So far we have seen 66 profess salvation in Christ this year and we thank God that Nigeria is still very open to the Gospel. With recent developments with the terrorist sect Boko Haram trying to make Nigeria follow Islamic law, there is no telling how much time we have to spread the Gospel in Nigeria.

I would like to share FOUR VERY BIG BLESSINGS:

1. It’s a joy to see God provide for our new Radio Ministry. A family from our home church gave us a gift of $535.00 which we plan to use for the Radio Ministry. And couple months ago, one of our supporting churches committed to help us air the program ($1500.00/13 weeks) which will begin close to the end of this year. We pray that funds will come in every 13 weeks in order to air the program all year long. What a blessing to finally have an Independent Baptist voice preaching the Gospel on the radio.

2. We received 245,000 John/Romans booklets couple weeks ago from The Bearing precious Seed Ministry for the pastors here. It has been 10 years since pastors were able to use these booklets in their ministries. It’s great to see the excitement as they plan to use them for their soulwinning programs in their churches.

3. A church that we had presented our ministry last year contacted us with the desire to help Nigerian Independent Baptist Pastors in a financial way. The church was able to send a gift of $100.00 each to 15 different pastors. What a huge blessing to all of them. One pastor in particular, said he had spent his last 1000.00 Naira ($7.00) for his son’s hospital bill with nothing else in sight. Until he was told about this church’s blessing. With Nigeria’s unemployment between 40-68 percent depending on the area, it is my prayer that many other churches will feel burdened to help these great pastors that have so little but are still faithfully serving our Lord.

4. We praise the Lord that one of the five total churches we have been able to help start/establish has finally purchased land for a church building. Pastor Oyewole Adebayo/ Grace Alone Independent Baptist church (Idanre village). Again the Lord has provided for us to assist in erecting a small church building for that community. In just few months now, they are averaging 26 every Sunday. Please continue to pray for this new church.

In closing, please keep us in prayer as we have begun traveling to various churches across Nigeria again. Pray especially for the up-keep of our vehicle as the roads are very bad. My wife is in full swing teaching the kids and our prayer is good health and strength to finish the school year on time. Thank you again for your faithful prayers and support for our ministry (ICor 15:58).

For the sake of more souls,

Missionary Yinka Fasinro…….your missionary family to Nigeria, West Africa

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