Final Newsletter 2012

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Praise the Lord for a wonderful year we’ve just concluded here in Nigeria. Thank you for your prayers for safety and for good health. God has been faithful to us in many ways through the year. I would like to share with you first of all some of the blessings:

1. We were able to see 576 profess Salvation in Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord!

2. We were able to travelled and preach in 56 meetings . These meetings have been especially encouraging to the Pastor and his members.

3. Had the opportunity to preach 8 times at different University Fellowships and saw 107 profess salvation in Christ.

4. In a 7 day period, we were able to pass out close to 75,000 John and Romans booklets. At one instance, there was a motorcycle rider who passed us and waved us down in the middle of the road demanding we give him his own booklet.

5. We finished another church building for another national pastor this year which brings the total to two since being here in 2008. And we are in the process of building 2 more church buildings simultaneously for two other national Pastors. Our prayer is to finish them sometime this year.

Rejoice with us for answered prayer!

We had a great answer to prayer at the end of the year through one of our supporting churches (Bible Baptist Church Brookings, SD). Our prayer to the Lord was provisions for:

Radio ministry

Car parts

Solar panels for electricity

Church building for a national pastor

We are so appreciative for all your prayers through the years for the above needs. It’s because of all your prayers that we can rejoice and praise the Lord for meeting these great needs. With my home church (First Baptist Church of Rosemount) also playing a role, we can now have the undiluted Salvation messages on the Radio for the first time in Nigeria through an Independent Baptist missionary.

We’ve always had problems getting genuine car parts in Nigeria for our vehicle. After the seventh time of the Ball Joint and tire coming off while driving, we decided to park the car until God provide funds to get the parts from a more reliable source. Doing it this way, parts tend to be more expensive.

We have never had electricity since moving to Nigeria 2008 from the city. We have always used a generator about 5 hours a day and spending about $200.00/month= $9600 for 4 years on gasoline alone. Refridgerators don’t work well this way as you can imagine. We are very excited that we can now have electricity all day and cheaper.

Establishing new Bible believing churches is what I believe is needed to reach a community and nation for Jesus Christ. I thank the Lord that we are now able to begin a new building for another national Pastor. A church building is one of the greatest needs a national pastor has to effectively reach his community for the Lord in Nigeria.

In closing, As we look forward to 2013, this newsletter is an example of never underestimating the power of your faithful prayers for us. I read a quote somewhere that said “if you knew you could never fail, what would you attempt for God?” Our prayer and desire is to attempt great things for God in 2013. And another quote “ You will never fall when you’re always on your knees”. Dr. And lastly,  William Carey, former missionary to India’s famous quote “ATTEMPT GREAT THINGS FOR GOD EXPECT GREAT THINGS FROM GOD”.

For the sake of more souls,

Missionary Yinka Fasinro …….your missionary family to Nigeria, West Africa

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