Summer 2013 Newsletter

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I thank God for his unspeakable gift of salvation that changes lives. I had a young teacher come to my house sometime last year asking for some books. I gave him books from Sword of the Lord and books from Evangelist Mark Cahill. He came back few weeks later perplexed about what he had read. He read a book by Evangelist Cahill titled “One heartbeat away-Your journey into Eternity”. It had caused him and his wife sleepless nights. At one point laying in bed, he asked his wife if she knew where she would spend eternity if she died? He knew then that they both needed salvation. When I met him few days later, he made a startling statement. He said, “if what I’ve read is true, then not many people are going to Heaven.” The following week in his house, him and his wife were on their knees calling on Jesus to save them. I lost contact with him after he moved away for several months. But last month I met him again and what a joy to hear how the Lord has changed his home. Oh, what an unspeakable free gift of Salvation! Since January, we have seen 106 profess salvation in Christ for their salvation despite the Charismatic influence in many lives.

Last week couple teachers at a local public school asked for new Bibles. I said to them that I needed to “talk” to them first before giving them the Bibles. I was invited to “talk” to all the teachers few days later. To my amazement, there were 25 teachers present to hear the “talk”. For about thirty minutes, I PREACHED the gospel. To several of them, this was the first time hearing the gospel and after the preaching, I counted 8 that professed salvation in Jesus. The principal was so amazed by hearing the gospel that he invited me to return to preach to the 300 students in the school next week. Their pictures holding their BEAMS Bibles will come later. Shortly after that meeting, another school invited me to preach to their teachers as well. This time 35 teachers were present and all trusted Jesus for their salvation. Hallelujah! These teachers were given New Testaments and a book by Dr. John R Rice on “Heaven”.  We continue to praise the Lord for open doors in sharing the gospel that since arriving Nigeria 2008, we have seen 2,336 profess salvation in Jesus. With the help of churches and individuals that God has touched to help, we are currently in the process of building our fourth church building. It establishes an Independent Baptist church in communities around which is very important in reaching that community for Christ. It also goes far in encouraging the national pastors as well.

Our long anticipated trip to churches across Nigeria is next month. We will be gone visiting Pastors for the whole month of July. Please pray for safety for all of us. And that we would be a blessing to each church in a great way.

I want to take a minute to thank you for the many emails encouraging us at the time of the robbery. The person we suspected was eventually released due to lack of evidence and continues to roam the streets new our house. There is nothing we can physically do now but continue to rest on God’s assurance of protection (Psalm 3:8).

Radio Program Ministry update

We had planned to start airing gospel messages the week of the robbery. Please continue to pray that we replace the lost messages with new ones soon. We have ordered a replacement of the small voice recorder we used. We are excited and anticipating what the Lord will do with this Radio Ministry for HIS glory in the future. We are already planning for our next furlough in 2014.

We are planning to visit America again from June 2014 through January 2015 Lord willing. This will be the first Christmas in 5 years that Vanessa and the kids will spend in the States. We would love to visit your church during these months. Allow us to please schedule a visit with your church ASAP. We want the opportunity to update the church and thank the church in person for the prayer and support you’ve given to us.

When the robbers stole my phone, they also took with them all my personal contact information in the phone. I have no phone numbers of all our supporting church Pastors. So please resend to us your cell phone numbers which will also help us in our planning for next year while in the States. We greatly appreciate all you do for us. We could accomplish NOTHING if it was not for your church praying, supporting, and encouraging us. We love you all and God bless!

For the sake of more souls,

Missionary Yinka Fasinro……..your missionary family to Nigeria, West Africa

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