Fall 2013 Newsletter

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It’s been about three months since I last sent a newsletter to you about Nigeria. Even though Nigeria seems to be in the news almost every day in a bad light, God has not forgotten this needy country. God is still saving folks and still calling young pastors to start Independent, Biblebelieving Baptist churches. This is the case of a young man (Pastor Gbenga), who just stepped out by faith after graduating Bible College to start a church in a nearby village where there is no Independent Baptist church. To God be the glory, we have been able to buy land for him. We are praying now for God to help us establish a Bible believing church in that community by erecting a small building for him.

Since coming to Nigeria 2008, not only have we seen over 2,408 profess salvation in Christ, and have driven over 33,000 miles to preach and encourage the national pastor, but God has also allowed us to be a part of planting and establishing four Independent Baptist churches and will begin on the fifth soon (Pastor Gbenga). Thank you for all the prayer and support through the years. It’s been a blessing to see God work in lives here in Nigeria. Please go to the “photos” page of the website to view these church buildings with their church members.

I traveled to Minnesota unexpectedly September 7th  to witness to my aunt before she died. I’d been praying for her for about a year and was praying that I would be able to witness to her at the right time before it was too late. As her health slowly deteriorated, I prayed even more for the Lord to use me at this critical time. On Friday, September 6th, my mom called and told me that the doctors were giving her less than a week to live. After trying unsuccessfully to speak to her on the phone, I decided to leave for the States right away. When I got to the airport in Lagos, I ran into a problem trying to purchase the airline ticket using a credit card. At all Nigerian airports they require cash for ticket purchases due to fraudulent practices with travelers in the past. I got to the airport at 4:30 PM and five hours later I still hadn’t found a way to purchase a ticket using a credit card. Going to airline counters, the answer was the same. I thought of giving up and returning home satisfied that I had done my best and besides the thought of my aunt dying without hearing the true gospel was too overwhelming. Very tired and frustrated, I pushed my luggage cart to a corner of the airport and bowed my head on it and prayed to the Lord for help. It was truly amazing what happened next. As I walked away from the counter, I saw an airline employee moving the last few travelers to the last open counter. I stated to him loudly from a distance that I needed to buy a ticket. I looked up and saw a “UNITED AIRLINES” sign and wondered why I hadn’t seen the sign earlier. He said the counter was closed, but he would give me 10 minutes to purchase a ticket from their office further down from their counter. When I got into their office to purchase the ticket, they insisted I return the next day because they were closing. After pleading with them, they then asked if I had cash. I said no, but I had an American issued credit card. What he said next was such a huge relief and I knew then that God had answered my short prayer. He responded “I think we can work with that.” PRAISE GOD HALLELUJAH! About thirty minutes later, I was sitting in the plane in amazement of the power of prayer. I arrived in Minnesota the next day in time to present the gospel to my aunt. Without her being able to talk any more, she was able to hear the gospel. I preached to her the next two days with no confirmation of accepting or rejecting Jesus. On Wednesday night as I was saying goodbye to her for the night, she had tears running down her eyes as I left. It just seemed she wanted to say something but couldn’t. My aunt died the next day. It breaks my heart not knowing where she is today in eternity. I leave it up to the Lord who gave me one last opportunity to share the gospel. I went on to lead a family friend to Christ a few hours after my aunt died. I had tried to witness to him about six years ago, but couldn’t due to his job schedule.

The reason why I’m sharing this to you is because it seems easier to be burdened for a “stranger” or a neighbor or even a close friend, but not as burdened for our relatives like we ought to be. As missionaries, we can get so busy winning the lost on a foreign land and forget our own aunts, uncles, cousins, etc…God has showed me to continue making it a ministry to witness to all my relatives before it’s too late (Acts 8:2640).

Please continue to pray for safety and good health for us here in Nigeria.

For the sake of more souls,

Missionary Yinka Fasinro……..your missionary family to Nigeria W, Africa

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