Final 2013 Newsletter

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We hope this Newsletter finds everyone doing well in the Lord. This has been a very busy beginning of the year for us, but we thank God for his sustaining grace. Thank you for your continued support and prayers as we mark 6 years in Nigeria.

We are in the process of preparing to move to a rapidly growing northern town of Gwangalada which is about 30 minutes away from the Nigeria capital city of Abuja. We want to be able to duplicate what we have done in the southern part of Nigeria. We want to plant/establish churches in the Muslim/Hausa speaking communities in the north Lord willing. This is a more centralized part of the country which as a result will also make it easier to travel for meetings to more of our national Pastors. It will undeniably expand our ministry here in Nigeria.

Traveling 30,000 miles in the States is equivalent to traveling 300,000 miles on Nigerian roads with the stress on the body and “wear and tear” on the vehicle. As we have begun preparation to relocate, we pray that we will be able to move after we return from our furlough in 2015. Please pray for us as we try to raise funds to build a house in our newly acquired land.

Last year, we were able to see 469 profess Salvation in Jesus in which we praise the Lord for. And we were able to see the roofing of our 5th church plant church building completed. Hallelujah!! The Pastor and his members were so excited to see how God answered their prayers so quickly. It’s so amazing to us to see how God uses human instruments like you to fulfill his perfect will in the lives of these needy national Pastors. The greatest need they have to reach their communities for the Lord is a church building.

I met 2 Christian men last week that came down from the northern state of Kaduna for business who were led to me because of their need of Bibles. After giving them the Bibles, they insisted they follow us to church the following Sunday. After service, they pleaded with us to come to Kaduna to start a church and school in their village. They took with them about 5,000 John/Romans to distribute in their northern communities. It’s amazing how God had already directed us with the move before meeting these dear men.

We also had the great honor to travel last year as a family to preach in 40 different meetings across Nigeria. We saw many salvation decisions and many church members challenged for the Lord. Please pray for these pastors to stay encouraged in their various churches.

Last year, I challenged some young people to make an effort to read their Bibles through in a year. To God be the glory, we had about 12 who completed that great task. We were able to reward them by getting them a book by Cary Schmidt “Discover your Destiny”. Several of them even wrote down thoughts from their Bible reading every day. What a blessing to see young people allow the word of God to work in their hearts everyday.

We finally started our Radio Ministry last month and right away many listeners noticed a different type of message. The name of our program is “The Old Time Religion Radio Program” in which we emphasize Salvation without works. We were on the air (104.5FM OSUN) for 3 weeks and gaining listeners every week. Bible Baptist Church Brookings, SD had sponsored a year of our program for us. When we were ready to pay for the year programing, we were barred to pay. The explanation was very vague but we are praying and hopeful they will reconsider their decision. However, our other option is to approach another Radio station to air our undiluted Gospel message.

In closing, We are about 7 weeks away from our next furlough which will be from May 2014-Feb 2015. Please pray for safety as we travel to give updates to churches and also pray that God will open more opportunities to present our work to new churches.

Prayer Requests:

Purchase vehicle for travels during furlough

Safety/good health

Ship container to Nigeria next year

Need House built as we move to Northern Nigeria next year

We know we would not have been able to do all we have done these past 6 years without faithful prayer partners. Thank you very much for the blessings God has allowed us to experience here which will also go to your “account”. Philippians 4:17, “……..Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to your account”.

For the sake of more souls,

Missionary Yinka Fasinro…….your missionary family to Nigeria, W.Africa             

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