End of year 2014 newsletter

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Last year has been a great year for us as we mark 6 years serving the Lord in Nigeria. We were able to see many decisions for the Lord last year including 295 that professed Salvation in Jesus Christ. Thank you for your support, prayers, and encouragements throughout the year. We could not have done the work there without the Lord touching the hearts of churches, families, and individuals like you.

Here are 3 highlights we experienced In 2014.

1. The beginning of the New Church plant in the North

2. Grace Alone Baptist Church update (Church plant #4)

3. 4000 Bibles for Nigeria.

New Church plant in the North

God confirmed his call and led us to begin to plant a church in northern Nigeria last year. The Lord provided funds to buy land and begin erecting a church building for the villagers. The Lord impressed on the heart of Bible Baptist Church Brookings, SD (Pastor Ivan Yoder) to help with the funding. God allowed us to negotiate and purchase 9 acres of land for just $500. This savings will help us do more towards the church building project.

The name of the new church will be True Gospel Baptist Church. Please pray for Pastor Abel and his family as they prepare to move to the north to help start our 6th church plant. Please also pray for safety and an open heart of the people as he reaches neighboring villages which include many muslims. Our vision is to also start a school for the children who do not have formal education.

Grace Alone Baptist Church update

Pastor Adebayo writes……”Thank you for supporting our ministry spiritually, materially and in terms of encouragement, the good Lord will bless you. SOULWINING-The heartbeat of our church is soul wining. The church goes soul wining every week apart from preaching in schools, villages and markets. Over 230 souls were saved these months. Throughout this year (2014) over 1,300 souls got saved. Four families joined our church this year apart from children and some youth. ANSWERED PRAYER- The Lord purchased a new motorcycle for us in October this year. And the Lord helped to pay my children school fees for this term and new uniforms. I am enjoying the motorcycle. I am going to the villages easily to preach the gospel and it makes my soul winning and visitation more convenient. This is the Lord’s doing, it is marvelous in our eyes”. In his third year as pastor, Grace Alone Baptist Church, one of our church plants is now running 62 in attendance. It’s Amazing to see how God has encouraged him and his family.

4000 Bibles donated by B E A M S International

I traveled to Ghana earlier this year. After searching for over 2 hours in different bookstores in town, we could only find 1 KJV Bible. This personal experience emphasized greatly the need for the B E A M S ministry in Nigeria. This year, B E A M S have committed to give us 4000 Bibles for our shipping container. Our only responsibility is to raise the shipping cost to ship them from their office in Louisiana to Minnesota.

We then plan to ship a container from Minnesota to Nigeria full of these Bibles and other printed materials as soon as we are able to raise the remaining funds as well.

In closing, I want to thank each church that gave us the opportunity to present our ministry or give an update about our ministry. It’s been very encouraging after the services to hear commitments to faithfully pray for us. Also as we have traveled to these churches, several Pastors have asked about the cost to ship the Bibles and the container.

1. Shipping Bibles from B E A M S to Minnesota ……..$1000.00

2. Shipping container from Minnesota to Nigeria…….$5000.00 (Remaining balance needed)

Please pray for God to provide the funds to ship these items before leaving for Nigeria. We will be heading back to Nigeria at the end of April Lord willing. Many security issues still exist in Nigeria as the country plans for their next election. Please be in prayer for our safety and our health. We know God will direct us in his will when the time comes for us to leave. Proverbs 3:5,6

For the sake of more souls Missionary Yinka Fasinro…….your missionary family in Nigeria, West Africa

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