Summer 2015 Newsletter

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Thank you for your prayers as we made it back to Nigeria May 1 2015 exactly one year since we left to the States for furlough. Since then, we have seen 205 profess salvation in Jesus Christ here. Praise the Lord! I will now share 2 examples of the POWER in the gospel of Christ.

One particular young lady by the name of Damilola was given a John/Romans booklet. I got back to her a week later and I asked her to give me ONE THING that she got out of reading the booklet? I just could not believe the answer she gave me. She replied “I CANNOT SAVE MYSELF!” I was taken back with that answer to say the least. Personally, I’ve never had anyone give me such a powerful answer like that. I was thrilled and a few minutes later she bowed her head and asked Jesus to save her. What a blessing to see the POWER of the gospel in action.

A mother (Patience) who sells goods across the street from our house had just lost her one month old baby boy. The infant died due to a doctor’s mistake during his circumcision procedure. To our surprise, she was at work the next day after the funeral. I was able to share the gospel with her and a few minutes later, she also accepted Christ as her personal Saviour. What a blessing to be able to comfort her through the word of God concerning her baby afterwards. Thank God she will be united with her baby again someday for all eternity. Please pray for God’s grace and strength for her. With these 2 examples, it shows that there is lots of work still to be done here for God’s kingdom.

We have started to plant our new church in the northern part of Nigeria with Pastor Abel. He left for the north to oversee the building of his church structure a few weeks ago and has returned. We will complete the roof by mid August. Our prayer has always been for protection and for prevention of the Muslims hindering the church being established in this northern village. We have found that it’s been the Catholic and Anglican churches in the area that have physically been threatening and frustrating him. It’s quite encouraging to see the majority of the villagers including the village head finally stand to defend Pastor Abel and his new work.

Container update: We praise the Lord for the arrival of our container last month. We are so thrilled to finally get much needed printed materials for the Pastors here. We want to thank several individuals, churches, and ministries that sacrificed greatly for the content and the shipping of the container. Our prayer is that God will continue to use you for his glory and reward you as a result of meeting our need.

In closing, I have a special prayer request.

Last Sunday after we arrived home from preaching out of state, I went to start the generator but could not start it. I then removed the spark plug and cleaned the carbon on the tip which usually does the trick. Before replacing the cleaned plug back in, I made sure the plug was still good. I’ve done this procedure often for the past 7 years. As I tried to start it again, the generator exploded in flames as I stood next to it. The gasoline from the generator engine poured on my trousers and flames followed. The lower part of my body including my shoes were on fire. I hurriedly and repeatedly patted my trousers and shoes until it eventually all went out. Vanessa and the kids ran out of the house after hearing the explosion and saw part of my clothes and shoes on fire. We eventually put out the fire to the generator with several pitchers of water. It was a very terrifying event that night for all of us. We truly thanked God for his protection because it could have been worse.

It’s a common thing here in Nigeria to have accidents especially when dealing with generators. Since moving to Nigeria we have been trying to move totally away from generators. The average supply of electricity in each home in Nigeria is 18 hours in a 3 month period.

Two years ago we purchased an inverter and batteries to go with the solar panels a church had given funds for. We had been using solar power for lights, charging computers, and for the kids home school DVD players and other things. It’s been cheaper than buying gasoline everyday, more reliable, and definitely safer. We have been in need of replacing the batteries for a long time. Because of the incident with the generator, we will need to get the batteries right away. Please pray for us that the Lord will provide funds for the 4 batteries needed.

Thank you for faithfully praying for us. You may never see your prayers answered, but we see and experience it quite often here. God bless!

For the sake of more souls,

Missionary Yinka Fasinro………your missionary family to Nigeria, West Africa


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