Final 2015 Newsletter

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I want to wish everyone a late Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. And I want to reflect on a few of God’s blessings and answers to prayers we experienced during the year. Thank you for your support, the encouraging emails and prayers for our family.

Answers to Prayer

Thank you for praying for the Lord to provide the batteries for our inverter. Praise the Lord we now have 24/7 electricity which has been a huge blessing in our home. We thank the Lord for using Bible Baptist Church, Brookings, SD for providing all the funds for the batteries. Others gave some in which we used to do some repairs to the inverter we already had.
Another answer to prayer came right before heading back to Nigeria during our furlough in May 2015. We had been praying for some time that God would impress on people’s hearts to financially support the 6 Pastors that we helped in planting churches. It’s been a challenge for them to meet their physical needs by themselves. We found it very awkward during our furlough to bring up the idea for financial help for our national Pastors. We knew of the financial struggles of some of the churches we visited, so we kept on praying. Right before heading back to Nigeria, one of our supporting families mentioned that they were prayerfully considering supporting the Pastors. WOW!! What a huge blessing to have heard that from them. They never knew it had been our prayer for a long time. We praise the Lord that as of 2016, the amount has increased to $100 per month. “He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the Lord; and that which he hath given will he pay him again” Proverbs 19:17.


1. Praise the Lord through personal soul winning and preaching, we were able to see 835 profess salvation in Jesus Christ in 2015!!

2. last furlough, while preaching, I told a story of a Muslim young man who I led to Christ and who later brought his brother to me to explain the gospel to. I’m excited to tell you that 4 of his 5 siblings are now saved! As they are unable to openly go to church at this time, Please pray as I encourage them and for their spiritual growth as they secretly read their Bibles.

3. Pastor Abel is preparing to officially start his church in February 2016 in the Northern part of Nigeria. I traveled with him last week to oversee the completion of the church building. I saw and felt the excitement of the villagers as they await the start of True Gospel Independent Baptist church. Please pray for wisdom and safety as they will soon begin spreading the gospel in that troubled region of the country.

4. We praise the Lord for one of our new Church plant Grace alone Baptist Church. They recently had their second anniversary service with 66 in attendance and 12 professing salvation in Jesus. They had originally started the church with just 9 in attendance two years ago. Please continue to pray for Pastor Gbenga and his family. 

5. I had the opportunity to preach a 2 day Revival meeting at a local private school with about 400 students. We saw 150 profess salvation in Christ. It was a blessing to see these tender hearts respond to the gospel this way.

6. I also had the opportunity to travel to Accra, Ghana December 2015 to visit Pastor David Orus (Bible Independent Baptist Church, Kasoa Ghana ) and was given an opportunity to preach in a very large public high school with about 2000 students. I took with me a Devotional book for each student that was donated by another of our supporting churches, First Missionary Baptist Church Clewiston, FL (Pastor Tony Bazen). After preaching, we were very excited to see over 500 profess salvation in Jesus Christ. Hallelujah! They also gave Pastor Orus an open door to follow-up on those that made decisions for Christ. Please go to our website for more pictures of the Ghana trip (

Special Prayer request for 2016

1. We are excited and praying to plant our 7th church in 2016. It is going to be planted in Odo-Oba which is a village of 205,000 in population. And while Seventy-five percent of the population is between the ages of 17-40, there is just one Independent Baptist Church there. Pray that God will allow us to establish that church soon.
2. Pray for good health and for our safety.

In closing, as we anticipate a great 2016 if the Lord tarries his coming, our prayer is that we will be more yielded to the Lord for him to use us in a very great way. “If a commission by an earthly king is considered an honor, how can a commission by our Heavenly king be considered a sacrifice?” –David Livingston. I understand that we make sacrifices for Christ at times in life, but it’s our honor to serve the King of kings here in Nigeria.
“I thank my God upon every remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine for you all making request with joy, for your fellowship in the gospel from the first day until now”. Philippians 1:3-5
Thank you again and God bless!

For the sake of more souls,

Missionary Yinka Fasinro………..your missionary family to Nigeria, West Africa

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