Fasinro Summer Newsletter 2016

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We are having a great summer here, and we are thankful for your prayers and support for the work here in Nigeria. God has blessed us tremendously this year and we would like to share some of these blessings here.

First of all Vanessa and the kids are counting down for the long summer break from school. They are about 2 weeks away from final exams which is a blessing to finally see the end of the school year.

We finally finished planting Pastor Abel’s church in the Northern part of Nigeria and God has been blessing the church. He is averaging close to 40 in attendance every week, havingsalvation decisions as well as several families joining the church. . What a blessing to see this new church plant begin to take root and begin to be a light house to the community. Please continue to pray for their safety as they are experiencing much persecution from the established churches around them.

We have also started our 7th church plant in Odo-Oba village. However we are praying that God will provide for the roofing before the rainy season gets intense.

We are looking forward to our second Nationals’ Day of Prayer Conference being held August 2-4 2016 in the eastern part of the country. The first time we had it, we had almost 400 in attendance consisting of our Independent Baptist Pastors and their churches. The emphasis this year will be on Prayer and Faith Promise Giving. Most of the national Pastors here need to fully embrace the Faith Promise Giving principle which is surprisingly a new concept to most. Many nationals are relying heavily on outside funding to obey the great commission. I’m not totally against it because it’s not easy here to start a church with little to no funding. But what I’ve learned through the years as a Christian is that God is fully honored when we step out by faith. Hebrews 11:6 states “ But without faith it is impossible to please him…..”. I read the book Faith Promise Offerings and God impressed it upon on my heart to put it into the hands of each national pastor. Since 2009, we have traveled through out the country teaching Faith Promise Giving in churches. As a result, over 1.7million naira ($10,000) has been raised within their own churches for their missionaries. Our prayer for the upcoming conference is that many more national pastors will embrace fully this biblical principle of Faith promise giving.

We thank God for souls getting saved often. Since the last Newsletter, we have seen 76 profess salvation in Jesus Christ. Praise ye the Lord!! I want to share one particular salvation experience which you will definitely enjoy. While preaching in many of your churches, I had mentioned about a muslim bricklayer who has constructed most of all our church plants here. I asked many of you to pray for his salvation and I am excited to announce that this man, his wife, and 7 other family members have finally professed salvation in Jesus Christ. Two of his sons and their siblings had secretly gotten saved earlier and had been hiding their salvation for fear of their dad. It had become increasingly difficult for the kids to hide their desire to go to church from their dad any longer. When an incident happened in this man’s life recently, I used the opportunity to challenge him with the gospel. To God be the glory, this muslim man got SAVED!! According to his wife, he has never been the same. And now he has full heartedly given his whole family the liberty to attend church. This man had been drinking alchohol for over 20 years and since his salvation, he has not tasted a drop of alchohol. He doesn’t go out with his old friends anymore and loves to spend time at home with his family. His family cannot believe the sudden transformation of their dad. Jeremiah 23:29 “Is not my word like as a fire? Saith the Lord; and like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces? I STARTED HAVING BIBLE STUDIES IN HIS HOME LAST WEEK! Oh what a Saviour we serve! Is there anything too hard for God? Nothing is too hard for God!

Thank you for praying for the bricklayer because God surely answered your prayer. This is a great family and we love them dearly. Please continue to be praying for their spiritual growth.

For the sake of more souls

Missionary Yinka Fasinro………your missionary family serving in Nigeria, West Africa

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