Fall 2017 Newsletter

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Greetings,                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Newsletter Fall 2017

We praise the Lord for continued blessings and safety as we travel across the country while on furlough. We arrived in May, and we thank God for the many opportunities to present our ministry updates. We know that God has used many churches and families in a tremendous way helping us to reach the souls in Nigeria. We are always thrilled to visit the churches to update them and thank them for their sacrifice. “He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the Lord; and that which he hath given will he pay him again” (Proverbs 19:17). We are also grateful to the churches that have allowed us to present our ministry for the first time. We pray that the Lord would impress on their heart to prayerfully consider adding us to their missionary family list.

Update 1

Before our furlough, we had the opportunity to visit a Nigerian University at the eastern part of the country. We praised the Lord for allowing us to see about 300 students come for our 3 day crusade on campus. For the 3 day program, we were able to see the students make many decisions for the Lord including 89 that professed salvation in Christ.

Because of the success of the program last year, they have asked us to return again. The University has given us space to hold the first Independent Baptist student fellowship where one of our local Pastor can follow-up on those that God saved and reach more students for the Lord. Last year we distributed over 300 devotionals to those who attended our program. We also distributed Dr. Chappell’s ROOTED IN CHRIST devotionals with the BEAMS Bibles to those that got saved. Please pray that the Lord will provide more Bibles and devotionals for our 3 day program next year. And also pray that we will be able to ship another container with these valuable materials again.

Update 2

The church plant in the far northern part of Nigeria is doing well with Pastor Abel. Although they have faced many challenges, they are pressing on with the help of the Lord. We thank God for protecting the church and the Pastor from danger as they are surrounded by several muslim communities. They are still seeing souls saved and several muslim herdsmen come and stand near the opened door and window to hear the preaching. It is evident that God has a plan for this church which sits in the midst of the muslim communities. Because of this church plant, the gospel is reaching far and wide in that community. One young man and his family has been sent out to start another church. There are 4 more young men that have surrendered to start new churches in the north as well.

In-spite of the negative news that we hear often in the media, GOD IS STILL SAVING SOULS AND CALLING NEW PREACHERS IN NIGERIA!!!!! The greatest desire of our heart is to start more churches especially in the north. We thank God for the churches and the families in America whom God has also touched with the same burden of starting churches. Please continue to pray for this urgent need that God will provide for us to see more churches planted for his glory.

Our oldest daughter Shaday has begun a new phase in her life. She started Bible college this past fall. We head back to Nigeria when she is into her second semester in February 2018. Please pray that she will always keep a tender heart for God while in school.


In closing, please can you join us in prayer for these urgent needs?

Safety traveling to churches on furlough

Good health

Need to Ship a container full of Bibles/Devotionals to Nigeria by December 2017

Need to complete the building of our 8th church plant

Need another 4×4 vehicle for traveling in Nigeria to visit the national pastors (Have sold the old one)

Need 2 Inverter A/C for our house in Nigeria


For the sake of more souls,

Missionary Yinka Fasinro………your missionary family in Nigeria, West Africa

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