Aba Crusade

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Greetings,                                                                                                                      Update August 18, 2018
The Lord gave us an opportunity to travel to the east and I had the unique privilege to preach in 3 different universities and 2 churches. We faced the obstacles of bad roads, flat tire and rainy weather but I was still able to preach.
Over a thousand students and faculty members heard the gospel for the week and we saw 709 trust Christ as their saviour. Each convert was given a Bible which was a huge blessing to them because it is very difficult to find a KJV Bible in stores.
In spite of the great influence of witchcraft, and ritualistic practices on all university campuses, the Holy Spirit’s power was so evident during the week. For example Alexa led a young lady to Christ who was often bothered by hearing Demonic voices. After trusting Christ, she no longer hears voices and sleeps better at night.
At the first university, 85 students professed salvation in Christ. After the service ended, many of the students returned back to the church on their own and were praying, and crying out to God for 2 hours. During the week, one of the converts was burdened to take the gospel to his village. As a result, he was able to lead three souls to Christ and was bringing them to church the following Sunday. What a blessing to see this young man’s burden for his village. A school cook abruptly left the service for the kitchen where her 2 daughters were and brought them to the service to hear the preaching. During the invitation, all three including the mother got saved. A young man stood up to make his decision public as he was giving up singing worldly music for Christ honoring songs. God also gave us an opportunity to lead the hotel manager and 7 of his staff members to Christ. A young man who worked at a grocery store got saved by reading a tract Vanessa gave to him. He came to church on Sunday excited for the new life he has now in Christ. Although it was raining heavily, this new convert walked several blocks to church for the evening service.
At the second university, over 600 students gathered in one room to hear the gospel message and about 480 accepted Christ as their personal savior. Many people were so eager to hear the message that they were standing in the hallway and outside. There was so much joy and excitement especially when they received a copy of God’s word.
Pastor George Kamalu who organized the meetings in the universities has been meeting in his house for church services for 4 years. The capacity of his church “building” is a 24 seat room. We felt the Lord leading us to partner with him to plant our 10th church. There is a great need now to disciple the new converts and a place to train them for the Lord. God not only answered our prayer right away but also confirmed the direction we were taking. The Lord has already provided the funds to start this new church plant. What a blessing for these new converts to have a bigger building to worship and to grow in every week. Pray for Pastor Kamalu/ Trinity Baptist Church who also wants to train these new converts who have showed great interest for the ministry. A former student who was also instrumental with making this program possible has been called to preach the gospel. He will begin training when the building is completed. Praise the Lord!!
Finally, the crusades caught the attention of the state commissioner of education who is in support of the program. Our prayer is to ask for a letter to present to all universities for future programs. God did more than we could ever ask or think. There was definitely a moving of the Holy Spirit in lives and our prayer is that it continues for a long time. Thank you again for all your prayers. God bless!
Missionary Yinka Fasinro………your missionary family in Nigeria, West Africa

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