An American Pastor’s visit

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Greetings, October 11, 2018
I would like to thank Bonners Ferry Baptist Church, Bonners Ferry, ID for sending Pastor Nevin Neal their senior Pastor to visit us last month. This church has been supporting us for more than 10 years even while we were on deputation. We were glad to finally see him here in Nigeria for the first time. He was with us for 12 days and he preached 5 times in Churches and villages. Many decisions were made including salvation decisions in every service. One of the Pastors he preached for was Pastor John Oyedele from Freedom Baptist church. The church was very happy and appreciative for the visit and message. On that day also he held a baptismal service where he baptized 13 people.
I thank God for Pastor Neal and Bonners Ferry Baptist church for their love for world-wide missions.
I also want to thank God for all our supporting churches that pray for us and have supported us through the years as well. We would love for you to also prayerfully consider visiting us as well in the future. It would definitely be a blessing to you to see what your support has done for the people of Nigeria.
“Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to your account”. Philippians 4:17

For the sake of more souls,
Missionary Yinka Fasinro……..your missionary family to Nigeria, West Africa

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