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Pastor Abel’s roof July 2018

Pastors hello. I hope this email finds you all in good spirit and in good health. I hope family is also fine. Thank you for your continued support and prayer for us while here in Nigeria. We are doing great and thank God for the opportunities he gives us here to preach the gospel. Please we have a special need I hope you can prayerfully consider adding to your prayer for us. We stated in

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Prayer for Crusade meetings July-August 2018

Greetings, I hope this email finds everyone well. Please I would like for you to pray for us as we will be away from home for the next 13 days here in Nigeria. We are traveling to the eastern part of the country to preach in three large universities and two churches. It’s going to be a grueling 13 hour journey, so please pray for safety.  We have sent ahead of us over 1000 Beams

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Quick Update

Greetings,                                                                                                Quick Update July 2018 We thank God for giving us a safe trip as we traveled to the northern part of Nigeria this week. We were in

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Container update


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Final 2017 newsletter

Greetings, As we close out the year, we want to thank God for the many blessings we experienced through-out the year. We thank God for those who sacrificed, encouraged, and prayed for us. We could not have experienced all the blessings without churches being faithful to missions giving. Here are several blessings we experienced in 2017!! Five young men surrendered to preach the gospel. And as a result, there will be more Independent Baptist churches

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